Monday, August 2, 2010

Arriving in Guatemala

From Jake's letter:  "On the plane ride from Texas to Guatemala, I sat next to a Guatemalan lady and we talked for the whole three hours in Spanish.  It was so amazing and for two of the three hours we talked about religion and eventually I told her about why there are so many churches today and the need for a modern day prophet.  She took everything that I told her about the church very well and she is a very religious person who doesn't like any of the churches that she goes to very much.  I gave her a pass-along card and she said that she would definitely look more into the church.  This was such an amazing experience and I loved being able to teach her.  Sharing the gospel is the best thing in the world.  I have been striving to have the gift of charity and I feel that I am starting to get it.  I felt sincere love for that lady that I had never met before because I knew that she was a child of God and that our Heavenly Father wants her to return to live with Him again.  It felt so great to be able to help her and I can't wait to share this wonderful message with the rest of the people of Guatemala."

Ready to get on the bus to the CCM

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