Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally, Some Tennis

"So last monday i did get to play tennis!!! we packed 6 of us elders into a taxi and we just paid two quetz each for the guy to take us to the gym place (el complejo) that's like 25 cents for the taxi ride! haha. so we got there and played a little soccer but then the guy came out to open the tennis courts so we played tennis. for a while elder Ovard and Elder Brunzvick just hit with each other and they are both really good, while I hit with elder Nadeau and Elder Alvis who both have never played tennis before. that was pretty fun but i was just dying to play a real tennis match. after a bit we got the idea to have a mini tournament, so we did, and i won! haha. it was really fun to play tennis again. super fun! but the next two days i was super sore."

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