Wednesday, April 6, 2011


"I got changes!  On Tuesday I basically just said goodbye to people and the last family that I said goodbye to was the familia Herrera.  When I told them I was leaving, Maria, the mom, just started crying. She was saying how it was such little time, but that she had gotten so attached already.  I promised that I would come back to visit after I finished my mission and through her tears she said Pero De Verdad! which means 'but seriously'.  So I told them all to keep going to church and that I would visit them.  Maria gave me a cool table cloth that her mom made out of tipica fabric.  It is way awesome.  When I was saying goodbye Lucha and Isabell were crying a lot and so was Patricia. Then Allison, the 4 year old, was really upset that I was leaving and started to cry.  So I was REALLY sad to leave that place.  I pray every day that my companion and the new missionary there are doing a good job with them.

I was very sad to leave Utatlan.  At changes, when they went through all the zones and my name wasn't called, I knew I was going to Zona Zacapa, the hottest zone in the mission because I have already been in Zona Portagua.  I am in the area Linda Vista 1 in Chiquimula.  My new companion is Elder Egan."

Goodbye breakfast

Elder Egan and I

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