Saturday, November 27, 2010

Familia de Oro

"On November 27 we had the baptism of Elena Villanueva and her two sons, Toni and Josue, and Jose Acevedo.  We had about 50 people at the baptism and I heard that usually around 10 people come.  Elder Hatch baptized Elena Villanueva and Jose Acevedo.  One of our recent converts, Marvin, who is really good friends with the Villanueva family baptized Toni and Josue Villanueva.  That was soooo awesome to have all those baptisms!  After that we all went into the overflow of the chapel and watched the new Joseph Smith movie which was sooo good!  We had a few investigators there too and they said they really loved the movie.  Then we all drank juice bags and ate ham sandwiches.  All around it was an amazing day!  Then on Sunday we went to church, with a bunch of people, including investigators, by our sides of course.  The branch president, President Ramirez, confirmed Toni and Josue members of the church, and I confirmed Elena and Jose.  It felt sooo amazing to be able to confirm them members and to be able to give them the gift of the Holy Ghost.  The priesthood is such a great blessing to have in our lives and I am so grateful to be able to have it."

Elder Hatch, Toni, Marvin, Josue, Maria, ?, Jose, Carlos, Lenni, Elena, Grace, me

Elder Hatch, Marvin, and I with everyone about to get baptized 

Golden Family.  Certificate we receive when we baptize a family

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