Thursday, November 25, 2010


"We had a Thanksgiving district meeting and it was SOOOO AWESOME!!!  First we started out with a hymn of thanks and then a prayer where we only gave thanks.  Then we had a couple cool workshop things on being grateful and then we watched The Best Two Years!!!  That was soooo awesome!!!  When he turned on the tv I thought that we were just going to watch preach my gospel movies like we usually do, so did everyone else, and then when The Best Two Years started playing we all went crazy.  When the opening song played, every single one of us were singing it.  We were all sooooo happy!  That movie is soooo awesome and brings a really good message.  

After that we went to the comodor in Santo Thomas' house, Sister Francis, who is from Virginia, and she made us the BEST Thanksgiving dinner.  We all had to pay her 50 quetzales, but it was soooo worth it.  We had turkey, stuffing, vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy, and deviled eggs.  For dessert we had pumpkin bread and amazing chocolate cookies.  It was sooo good it was sooo fun."

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Thanksgiving district meeting

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